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School Pictures of Redding, CT

hillschool2.JPG (851776 bytes)

Hill Academy School, located on the Green where Town Office Building now stands. Teacher in doorway is Pauline Sanford, pupils from right to left are Ernest Dachenhausen, Victor Grumman, Raymond Rider, Lawrence Banks, Ellis Peterson, Majorie Platt, Clara Sanford, Dudley Sanford, Betty Reynolds, Ruth Robinson, Robert Rumsey, Cornelia Peterson, Adam Beaudry, Leslie Favreau, Dick Williams, Everett Dachenhausen, Katherine Duncan, Eva Beaudry, Bill Reynolds, Elsie Williams, Louise Nardine, Jennie Peterson, Alice Williams, ? McLean, Louise Beaudry, Lora Favreau, Arthur Williams.(From 1967 Redding Bicentennial Program, Historical Society Photos)

school.jpg (329344 bytes)

Center District School, as it stood on a rise (on the common right of way) south of the Green on Sanfordtown Road, in the 1890's. "Miss Maggie" Flood taught several generations here. Note Boys' and Girls' entrances.(From 1967 Redding Bicentennial Program, Historical Society Photos)       

gbschl1.JPG (15525 bytes)

School children outside the original Gilbert & Bennett School in 1910. This building was lost to fire in 1916 or 17.(Photo from the collection of Janet Tryde)

gbschl2.JPG (26898 bytes)

School children outside the second Gilbert & Bennett School (date unknown). Notice the open doors behind the children, these were fire escape doors that led from each and every classroom. The second Gilbert school was state of the art for it's time and still stands today. (Photo from the collection of Janet Tryde)

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