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Redding, Connecticut's Famous People

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Redding, Connecticut has been the home of many famous individuals over the years. I'm sure that there are more than I have listed here but at this time these are the individuals I know of. Please feel free to contact me if you know of others.

Follow the links for further information on Joel Barlow, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Charles Ives, Edward Steichen and Redding's most famous former resident- Mark Twain:

  • Paul Avgerinos (Musician)
  • Joel Barlow (Poet/Politician)
  • Dan Beard (Illustrator, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America. Lived on Great Pasture)
  • Rev. John Beach (Famous Anglican minister at Redding Ridge from 1732 to 1780, militant religous pamphleteer and respected Tory.)
  • Rosamond Bernier (70s to '02 - Art lecturer, author...lived on Poverty Hollow Road)
  • Leonard Bernstein (50's - Musician, composer...lived on Fox Run Road)
  • Michael Ian Black (Current Resident, Comedian, Actor, Author)
  • Marcia Brown (Author and Illustrator lived in Redding.) She is the recipient of three (3) Caldecott awards.
  • Georgie Brush (60's - Painter..lived on Redding Ridge)
  • Diana Canova (was an actress in the TV show Soap and the voice of Daphney in the original Scooby Doo cartoon.)
  • Stuart Chase (30s to 80s. Economist & philosopher, activist. Worked for FDR and his book "A New Deal" was the term adopted by FDR...lived on Redding Road)
  • Dr. Christopher Collier, former Connecticut State Historian and co-author of "My Brother Sam is Dead", lived off of Simpaug Tpk. and consulted Dr. Dayton's "Read Family Papers" extensively while writing the book.
  • Rachel Crothers (20s to 50s, Rachie wrote some 33 plays, the first of which opened in 1906 and the last, "Susan and God," starring Gertrude Lawrence, in 1937. At least six, and probably more, were made into movies.. She founded the Stage Women's War Relief in 1917; the Stage Relief Fund in 1932, and the American Theatre Wing in 1940, of which she remained President until a few years before her death...lived on Long Ridge Road)
  • Dottie Earle-DeLuca (Current resident of 25 years) Radio City Music Hall Rockette (7 years) Broadway- The Will Rogers Follies, On the Town, Music of the Night-National touring company, Andrew Lloyd Webber musical; The Ziegfield Follies of 1936-off Broadway, and the Broadway revival of Sondheim's Follies. Hammerstein on PBS and "Liberty Weekend" a star studded event by the legendary producer David L.Wolper at Giants Stadium.
  • E.W. Deming & Theresa Deming (10's to 40's, E.W. Deming, painter of American Indians, and his wife Theresa, author of books about Indians. They had a home on Route 53 from 1916 until he died in 1942. Theresa died in 1945. They are buried in Umpawaug cemetery.)
  • Katherine Drier (20s, 30s, She was a patron of the modern art movement in the U.S. She formed the Societe Anonyme and organized the International Exhibition of Modern Art in Brooklyn in 1926 with Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. She was also a key player in founding the Museum of Modern Art in New York City...lived on Marchant Rd in 1912 and later moved across the Danbury line on Long Ridge Rd)
  • Susan Boone Durkee (1970's to Present. Mark Twain Lane) An award winning artist, Susan works out of her spacious West Redding, Connecticut studio, The Lobster Pot, so named by Mark Twain who owned the property at the turn of the century.
  • Michael C. Erlanger (Writer. Lived in Redding Center)
  • Howard Fast (famous auther of The Crossing and Citizen Tom Paine. Lived on Cross Highway in the 1980-1990)
  • Varian Fry (the American Schindler, later in life taught at Joel Barlow High School)
  • Robert S. Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald is widely known as one of the most poetic translators into the English language, best known as a translator of ancient Greek and Latin. He published translations of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Virgil's Aeneid and Sophocles' Oedipus plays ....lived on Seventy Acres Road, 1940's - 1960's)
  • Hal Foster (Cartoonist-Prince Valiant)
  • Gilbert Fox (Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Cartoonist)
  • Francesco A. Gianninoto (Inventor, Industrial Designer. Creations included: Marlboro flip-top cigarette box, Orange-Roof of the Howard Johnson restaurants, Elsie the Borden cow. In 1984, built a 12-story-tall windmill, the tallest in Connecticut on his 23.5 acres estate in Lonetown...it produced electricity for a greenhouse, the rest was sold to a local utility company.)
  • George Giusti (Graphic designer, Illustrator. Lived on Chalburn Road)
  • Dora, Elaine and Rose Goodale(Sister child prodigy poets, Read descendents, lived on Cross Highway and Dayton Road, Elaine was a famous Indian educator in 1885, tended wounded at Wounded Knee, married 1890 Dr. Charles Eastman, a Santee Sioux, edited books popularizing Indian culture and memoir "Sister to the Sioux.")
  • Bernard Guerlain of Guerlain Perfumes (Owned a specialty paper company that imported artist and specialty papers, including Arches and Rives, used by printmakers and watercolorists. Lived on Sanfordtown Road.)
  • Elizabeth Janeway (Author) & Elliot Janeway (Economist) late 1940s and early 1950s with their two sons on Valley Road (now Poverty Hollow Rd.) at the bottom of Church Hill Road.
  • Daryl Hall (Musician-Hall & Oates. Lived on Topstone Rd.)
  • Frank M. Hawks (Famous Aviator. Lived off Route 107 "Hawk's Nest")
  • Jascha Heifetz (40s - Violinist...lived on Sanfordtown Rd)
  • Elsie Hill (20s to 30s, Women's Suffragette...lived on Seventy Acres Road)
  • William E. Hill (Cartoonist)
  • Noble Hoggson (World-famous NYC architect, commisions to reconstruct European historic buildings after WWI, books on the history of banking, popularized suburban lifestyle, Colonial-Revival on Poverty Hollow Road.)
  • Anna Hyatt Huntington (Artist) Lived on Sunset Hill.
  • Charles Ives (Musician) Lived on Umpawaug Hill.
  • Alfred Winslow Jones (Known as the father of the hedge fund industry. Created the Wall Street "hedge fund." ...lived on Poverty Hollow Rd)
  • Igor Kipnis (Musician)
  • John Kirkpatrick (Musician/Professor/Writer)
  • Larry Kudlow recently moved to Redding. He has his own TV show Kudlow and Company and is a syndicated columnist.
  • Joseph Wood Krutch (40s. Author and Naturalist...lived on Limekiln Rd)
  • Marvin Laird (Musical Director...lives on Ledgeway Road)
  • Jack Lawrence (Songwriter)
  • Hope Lange (Actress)
  • Barry Levinson (Writer, Producer, Director)
  • Enoch Light (Musician)
  • David Lilienthal (50s - Scientist, Director of the Atomic Energy Commission, Director of Tennessee Valley Authority...lived on Stepney Rd)
  • Walther Luttgen (1910's-20's) Partner at international banking firm, August Belmont & Company; Director of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, the Transatlantic Trust Company and the Rapid Transit Construction Company.; Luttgen Place in New Jersey is named for him
  • Harry Mace - Cartoonist - freelance, AMY (syndicated panel)
  • Carmen Mathews (Actress. Lived on Umpawaug/Marchant...New Pond Farm)
  • Meatloaf a.k.a. Marvin Lee Aday (Musician. Lived on Orchard Drive)
  • John G. Mitchell (Editor-in-Chief of Sierra Club Books, Field Editor and Writer for Audubon Magazine, Environmental Editor National Geographic)
  • Joseph S. Montgomery (Founder of Cannondale Bicycles, Peaceable St., Fox Run Rd., Umpawaug Rd., Granite Ridge)
  • Dick Morris (White House Aide/Political Advisor)
  • Walter O'Meara (Ad Executive/Writer - who lived on Sanford Town Rd - 50s)
  • Fred Otnes (Artist, Illustrator. Lived on Chalburn Road)
  • Albert Bigelow Paine (Writer. Lived on Diamond Hill)
  • Major General Samuel Holden Parsons (1778-1782. Commander under Gen. Israel Putnam . He first proposed the idea of a Continental Congress in 1774. Appointed first Chief Judge to Northwest Territory (Ohio)...lived on Black Rock Tpke)
  • Charles A. Pooler, (1957 to 1965) Amarketing research pioneer and co-founder of Ad Age magazine. Spent 20 years with Benton & Bowles advertising agency. Resided at corner of Sidecut Road and Rt.53.
  • Hon. John Read ("Father of American Law," Massachusetts Attorney General, Governor's Council of Massachusetts, founder of Redding.)
  • John Russell (70s to '02 - NY Times art critic and author...lived on Poverty Hollow Road)
  • Daniel Saidenberg, Poverty Hollow, an accomplished musician and conductor, who created his own chamber music group. He was an extraordinary cellist who played for the Philadelphia and Chicago Symphony orchestras.
  • Elliot Scheiner (5 Time grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer)
  • Edward Steichen (Artist-Photographer) Lived on Topstone...actually Topstone Park was his property)
  • Orville Schell (Civil Liberties lawyer, First Amendment defender)
  • Jane and Michael Stern (Writers/Food Critics)
  • Ira and Maxine Stone (Songwriters, Musicians, Performed at the Original Woodstock Festival in 1969, Redding resident's since 1975.)
  • Ruth Stout - Writer (organic gardening)
  • Rex Stout (Western novilist, Poverty Hollow Road.)
  • Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy (40s to 50s - Stage and film actors ...lived on Stepney Road)
  • Russ Titelman (lived in Redding in the 1980s. He is a grammy winning record producer for Eric Clapton, David Sanborn, Steve Winwood.)
  • Anne Parrish Titzell (Writer...lived on Peaceable St)
  • Tasha Tudor (10s to 30s. Childrens' author and artist...lived on Tudor Rd)
  • Mary Travers (Musician-Peter, Paul, Mary. Lives on Limekiln Rd.)
  • Mark Twain (Writer) Mark Twain Lane, "Stormfield"
  • Moira Wallace, Redding Ridge, Not world famous, but one of the most well known and highly regarded antique dealers of her era (1940-1985).
  • Walter White (40s to 50s, Head of NAACP...lived on Seventy Acres Rd)
  • Jay Williams (50s. Author)

Enjoy this list? You'll love Dennis Paget's new book: They All Lived in Redding.

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