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The History of Redding, Connecticut:

Oral History/Audio Files:

In 1975, Mrs. Phyllis Kroll had a dream...4 years later it was accomlished. 45 students (7th & 8th graders) achieved the goal of recording the first town history booklet since Todd's History of Redding second edition of 1906. Redding Remembered is a record of people and events- and the oral history students that cared enough to capture the past, the present, the famous and not-so-famous. 25 years later this amazing body of work enters the "cyber-world" and I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do. Read the Redding Remembered Articles posted so far. Georgetown Oral History Project.

Audio from a "meeting of the minds" in 2001. Great stories and history relating to Georgetown, Connecticut can be heard by clicking on the audio links at this page. Brent & Harry Colley, Art Moore and Bertil Rosendahl discuss Georgetown's past.

  • Audio 1- Softball in Georgetown
  • Audio 2- Art Moore discusses Mr. Prunes
  • Audio 3- Discussions of G&B Post Office, Train Station and Buildings
  • Audio 4- Georgetown housing and the good will of former Selectman Harold Samuelson.
  • Audio 5- My Grandfather discussing his family's first house on Peaceable Street and Art Moore discusses Warrup's Rock
  • Audio 6- Stage Coach and Indian Trails through Little Boston and Georgetown
  • Audio 7- Bertil Rosendahl discusses Boy Scouts in Georgetown.
  • Audio 8- Boy Scouts in Georgetown continued.
  • Audio 9- All Discuss Georgetown Village and the community spirit it once held.

Books about Redding, Connecticut

Authors and topics relating to Redding are listed and linked up to Amazon are here.


Branchville Mine information and maps of Branchville Station. Short history of Branchville by Jack Sanders. Branchville Photographs. Railroad's influence on Branchville. DeBenigno's Store. Ancona's Store. In short, the most information you will find on Branchville CT online.


  • The Methodist Protestant Church in Georgetown (Now the Georgetown Bible Church)
  • Methodist Episcopal Church (1789-1906)
  • Christ Church (1722-1906)
  • The Congregational Church (1729-1906)
  • The St. Patrick Church (1880-1980)
  • Sacred Heart Church (1881-1981)
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church (1908-1994)
  • The Baptist Church in Georgetown
  • The Swedish Congregational Church
  • The Redding Federated Church (1920-1961)

Daily History Archives:

List of Dates in Redding's History for each month of the year.

Early Families:

Adams, Banks, Barlow, Bartlett, Bartram, Bates, Beach, Benedict, Betts, Burr, Burritt, Burton, Chatfield, Couch, Darling, Fairchild, Foster, Gilbert, Gold, Gorham, Gray, Griffin, Hall, Hawley, Heron, Hill, Hull, Jackson, Lee, Lord, Lyon, Mallory, Meade, Meeker, Merchant, Morehouse, Perry, Platt, Read, Rogers, Rumsey, Sanford, Smith, Stowe

Pre-1800 Gravestones of Redding

Names appearing in the 1867 Beer's Map of Redding and Georgetown, CT

Early Settlement:

  • Reading or Redding?
  • The acquisition of land Early settlers
  • Chicken Warrup and his Native American Indian counterparts (map of indian settlements)
  • Chickens in Scatacook
  • Old houses (New)
  • First townhouse
  • Slavery
  • Epidemics in town
  • Roadways

Famous People:

Joel Barlow, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Charles Ives, Edward Steichen, Mark Twain, and many, many more. Includes Biographies of the individuals above.

First Telephones:

A listing of the first telephones in town, telephone switch operators in the area, and a brief description of how the telephone system worked early on.

Georgetown History :

  • Bonsignores'-Modern Country Store
  • Homes on the National Register of Historic Places in Georgetown.
  • Pictures of Georgetown from 1880-Present Day (4 different collections-1 a tour of present day Georgetown)
  • History of Georgetown Vol. Fire Department
  • History of Gilbert & Bennett-1818-2006
  • History of Gilbert & Bennett in Pictures- 1818-1906
  • Baseball
  • Roadways
  • Railroad- History of Danbury/Norwalk Railroad in Redding/Georgetown, Connecticut
  • Georgetown History- Wilbur F. Thompson Articles (you can download his whole collection)
  • Georgetown History Project
  • The Old Silver Mine
  • The Old Red Mill
  • The Georgetown Post Office
  • The Old Mulberry Trees
  • The Old Turnpike through Georgetown
  • The Old Red Shop by the Toll Gate
  • The Old Grist Mill
  • The Old Stone Mill
  • The Old Woolen Mills
  • The Old Coal Mine
  • The First Settlement of Georgetown and the Schools Attended
  • The Old Boston District School
  • The History of Georgetown Churches
  • The Old Churches of Georgetown
  • The Old Pipe Organ
  • Christmas in Old Georgetown
  • The Old Tory House
  • The Old Boundary Rock
  • The Iron Trail Through Georgetown
  • The Old Post Rider
  • Georgetown in Civil War Times

History of Schools:

  • The History of Schools 1700's thru 1800's as written by Charles Burr Todd in the History of Redding.
  • An updated History of Schools 1700's thru 1950's by Margaret Wixted in the Redding Times.
  • The History of the Old Bostone School District 1768 to 1872 by Wilbur F. Thompson in 1922.
  • The History of the Little Brick Schoolhouse by Dell Sturges.

The G.M. Loeb House- almost a Frank Lloyd Wright design in Redding, Connecticut.

History of Redding Girls and Boys Club:

1938-1958- A short history of the clubs founding and early history.

History of Redding Country Club:

1973-1999- A short history of the clubs founding, golf course, and facilities.


  • Forests "Shaping of the forests": Fire, Weather, Disease, Firewood
  • Agriculture Farms Local Farmers, Soil and produce, Farming the land: Fertilizers, Crop Rotation, Tobacco, New Husbandry, The Hessian Fly, Tools
  • The Edwin Gilbert Farm (Meadow Ridge), Warrups Farm, Old Farmlands you can explore, David Starr Farm (New Pond Farm)
  • Bodies of Water & Streams Norwalk Watershed, Bridgeport Hydraulic Company Holdings
  • Geologic Composition The Rocks, The Soil, Branchville Mine. Redding Garnets

Learning Center:

Helpful links to news and learning sites

Little Brick Schoolhouse:

History of the Schoolhouse on Umpawaug Road

Early Manufacturers:

List and descriptions of early manufacturers in Redding


View of Redding Map, Interactive Map, Topographical Map, Beer's 1867 Map of Redding and Georgetown, Connecticut, 1856 maps of Georgetown CT, Indian Trails running through Redding, Branchville and Georgetown in 1625.

Redding Pilot News 1966-1992

News from the Redding Pilot on Redding by year-1966-1992

Parish History:

Parish History of Redding, CT

Redding Ridge, CT History:

History of Redding Ridge, CT. Revolutionary War, Industry, Schools, Inns, Poverty Hollow

Redding Center, CT History:

History of Redding Center, CT. Town House, Schools, Post Office, Churches

West Redding, CT History:

History of West Redding, CT. Stores, Railroad, Emporium, Post Office, Cider Mill


  • Church Pictures
  • School Pictures
  • Fire Department Pictures
  • Town House Pictures
  • Boys' Club Pictures
  • Gilbert Farm Pictures
  • Georgetown Pictures
  • Gilbert & Bennett Pictures
  • Landscape Pictures of Redding
  • The Flood of 1955
  • Branchville Pictures
  • Misc. Pictures

Huntington Park:

History of the park and past landowners

Putnam Park:

History of the park and past landowners.

My Brother Sam is Dead Information

For students and teachers looking to learn more about the book. Photos now available.

Hiking Trails and Recreation in Redding:

Listing and descriptions of the hiking trails and recreation options in Redding. Newly expanded.

Scenic Roads in Redding:

Information on Redding's scenic roads

Summary of Land Use:

Changes in the towns land use from the settlement to present

Town Data:

Old Population data, mill rate, current voting results, major employers in the area. Also, on the homepage- bottom right.

Town Meeting Notes from the 1940's

Town meeting notes from 1948-49, some deal with Redding Elementary School

Redding CT Real Estate Guide

Learn about the 4 sections of Redding from a local's point of view.

Redding CT Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Builders

New Construction (Builders), Real Estate Companies, Brokerage firms and individuals selling houses and parcels of land in Redding, Connecticut.

Redding CT Relocation Guide

I put this together to help people interested in making Redding their new home learn more, it offers just about all you need to know to make a decision.

Old homes of Redding:

Article from 1950's Redding Times on Redding's older homes

History of the Redding Boys Club 1938-1958:

Article from 1958 Redding Times on the Boys Club's founding and history

The Blizzard of 1888:

Article from 1950's Redding Times on the Blizzard of 1888

A Victorian Murder in Redding/Easton/Newtown:

The story of Rudolf Stoffel's murder of Andrew W. Peck in 1888. An interesting tale by Daniel Cruson.

Voting in Redding, CT :

A good amount of information in preparation for the 2008 elections: how to register, registration form links, representatives listed and political parties linked to.


Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Spies- William Heron

Revolutionary War Veterans and their Family Trees

Revolutionary War Muskets, Pistols and Collectables

Search Revolutionary War Documents Online

my brother Sam is dead

Civil War

Civil War Weapons and Collectables

Civil War Re-enactment Clothing and Accessories

World War II Veterans (Word Document)

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