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Pre-1800 Gravestones in Redding, Connecticut (CT)  

This is the listing of pre-1800 gravestones located in Redding, CT and compiled by Daniel Hearns of Monroe, CT in March 1979.

Old Redding Cemetery | Christ Church Cemetery | Umpawaug Cemetery

Old Redding Cemetery-Great Pasture Road

The cemetery is located on the south side of Great Pasture Road about 275 feet west of Old Stagecoach Road.
Latitude/longitude are: 41 17 57 N/73 23 26 W

Born: ? Died: 19 Mar 1736

Banks, Gershom
Born: 1742c Died: 23 Dec 1778 - Aged 36

Banks, Joanna
Born: 1715c Died: 23 Jun 1767 - Aged 52
Relationship: W/O Joseph

Barlow, Daniel
Born: 1736c Died: 2 Dec 1759 - Aged 24
Relationship: S/O Samuel and Eunice

Barlow, Elnathan
Born: 1773c Died: 31 Aug 1774 - Aged 1
Relationship: S/O Aaron and Rebecca

Barlow, Esther
Born: 1721c Died: 28 Aug 1775 - Aged 54
Relationship: W/O Samuel

Barlow, Gershom
Born: 1765c Died: 28 Sep 1794 - Aged 30
Grave Note: "Anxious to live yet called to die, He in no thought repined; But cheerfully, cooly and calmly, To the will of Heaven resigned."

Barlow, Nathaniel
Born: 1742c Died: 26 Dec 1782 - Aged 41

Barlow, Samuel
Born: 1710c Died: 20 Dec 1773 - Aged 63
Grave Note: "Thus age and youth without distinction fall, Death is the common lot prepared for all."

Barlow, Samuel (Revolutionary War Veteran)
Born: 1753c Died: 26 Jan 1776 - Aged 23
Relationship: S/O Samuel
Grave Note: "Resigned his breath in the service of his country. He died and was buried at Rynbeck on returns from the victory of St. John's and Montreal..."

Bartlett, Rhoda
Born: 1773c Died: 23 Dec 1796 - Aged 23
Maiden name: Sanford
Relationship: W/O Lieut. Jonathan; D/O Lemuel Esq. and Mary

Burr, Elizabeth

Fairchild, Abraham

Born: 1745c Died: 16 Feb 1764 - Aged 19
Relationship: S/O Abraham and Rachel

Gannada, Betse
Born: 1709c Died: 11 May 1778 - Aged 90

Gorham, Isaac
Born: 1731c Died: 4 Jul 1798 - Aged 67

Hawley, Lydia
Born: 1740c Died: 26 Apr 1812 - Aged 72
Relationship: W/O William Esq.

Hawley, William Esq.
Born: 1739c Died: 1797 - Aged 59

Hull, Martha
Born: 1734c Died: 10 Apr 1785 - Aged 52
Relationship: W/O Theophilus

Hull, Theophilus
Born: 1726c Died: 5 Dec 1785 - Aged 60

Hunt, Eunice
Born: 1773c Died: 6 Feb. 1805 - Aged 33
Maiden name: Sanford
Relationship: W/O Rev. Aaron; D/O Hezekiah

J., Z.
Born: 1730c Died: 28 Dec 1748 - Aged 18
Grave Note: "Aged 18 and 10."

Jackson. Ephraim
Born: 1705c Died: 5 May 1768 - Aged 63

Jackson, Grace
Born: ? Died: Oct 1741
Relationship: D/O Ephraim

Jackson, Sarah
Born: ? Died: Oct 1741
Relationship: D/O Ephraim

Morehouse, Gershom, Capt.
Born: 1728c Died: 22 Jan 1805 - Aged 77

Peck, Mary
Born: 1776c Died: 29 May 1798 - Aged 22
Maiden name: Sanford
Relationship: W/O Dr. Thos.; D/O Lemuel Esq. and Mary

Rogers, Sally
Born: 1783c Died: 6 Mar 1794 - Aged 11
Relationship: D/O James Esq.

Rogers, Uriah
Born: 1773c Died: 13 Apr 1788 - Aged 15
Relationship: S/O James and Eleanor

Rumsey, Joseph(?)

Sanford, Abigail
Born: 1779c Died: 11 Jun 1784 - Aged 5
Relationship: D/O Lemuel Esq. and Mary

Sanford, Anna
Born: 1746c Died: 23 Dec 1753 - Aged 7
Relationship: D/O Deacon Lemuel and Rebeckah

Sanford, Augustus
Born: 1754c Died: 19 Jan 1778 - Aged 24

Sanford, Daniel
Born: 1734c Died: 5 Jul 1777 - Aged 44

Sanford, Elizabeth
Born: 1715c Died: 21 Jan 1777 - Aged 62
Relationship: W/O Ephraim

Sanford, Elnathan
Born: 1764c Died: 8 Aug 1767 - Aged 3
Relationship: S/O Elnathan and Deborah

Sanford, Ephraim, Capt.
Born: 1708c Died: 12 Feb 1761 - Aged 52

Sanford, Esther

Born: 1755c Died: 27 Apr 1755 - Aged 10 hours
Relationship: D/O Ephraim
Grave Note: "Though she was young, yet not too young to die but quick was called to eternity. In ten hours time she died submit to death and so resigned her dearest breath."

Sanford, Eunice
Born: 1746c Died: 8 Dec 1770 - Aged 24

Sanford, Hannah
Born: 1760c Died: 29 Jun 1790 - Aged 31
Relationship: D/O Hezekiah and Hannah

Sanford, Jeremiah (Revolutionary War Veteran)
Born: 1759c Died: 28 Jun 1777 - Aged 19
Relationship: S/O Daniel
Grave Note: "who died a prisoner in New York..."

Sanford, Lemuel Esq.
Born: 1741c Died: 12 Mar 1803 - Aged 63

Sanford, Lemuel, Deacon
Born: 1696c Died: Apr 1780 - Aged 85
Relationship: H/O Rebecca
Grave Note: "85th Year."

Sanford, Rebecca
Born: 1707c Died: 26 Mar 1779 - Aged 73
Relationship: W/O Deacon Lemuel

Sanford, Rebecca
Born: 1739c Died: 10 Sep 1775 - Aged 36
Relationship: W/O Seth

Sanford, Samuel, Capt.
Born: 1707c Died: 6 Nov 1768 - Aged 61

Sanford, Sarah
Born: 1747c Died: 6 Jun 1775 - Aged 28
Relationship: D/O Capt. Samuel
Grave Note: "In calm repose her body lies, When Christ appears her dust shall rise."

Sanford, Sarah
Born: 1750c Died: 8 Mar 1772 - Aged 22
Relationship: W/O Ezekiel

Sanford, Stephen
Born: 1744c Died: 6 Oct 1776 - Aged 33

Smith, Lydia
Born: 1721c Died: 8 Feb 1776 - Aged 55
Relationship: W/O Samuel
Grave Note: "No gift of nature, art or grace, Exempteth from the burying-place; All must obey the solemn call, Before that tyrant all must fall."

Smith, Samuel
Born: 1756c Died: 28 Apr 1758 - Aged 2
Relationship: S/O Elezer and Lucy

Sturgis, Benjamin
Born: 1689c Died: 4 Jul 1765 - Aged 76

Ward, John
Born: 1761c Died: 6 Mar 1768 - Aged 7
Relationship: S/O Moses and Anna
Grave Note: "Here is all men's long home and blooming youth must die. God always..."

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Umpawaug Cemetery-Umpawaug Road

The cemetery is located on the west side of Umpawaug Road opposite its intersection with Diamond Hill Road.
Latitude/longitude are: 41 17 42 N/73 25 12 W

Sanford, David
Born: 1740c Died: 15 Jun 1787 - Aged 48

Sanford, Sarah
Born: 1791c Died: ? - Aged ? (Year of death age cannot be read)
Relationship: D/O Elikam and Sarah
Grave Note: "An infant child of Rand S.L. Sanford lies here interr'd by her side."

Sherwood, Noah
Born: 1769c Died: 2 Mar 1798 - Aged 30

Redding Center Cemetery-Cross Highway

The cemetery is located on the north side of Cross Highway 300 ft. east of Lonetown Road (Route 107).
Latitude/longitude are: 41 18 12 N/73 22 59 W

Read, Anna
Born: 1754c Died: 3 Feb 1785 - Aged 31
Relationship: W/O Hezejiah

Read, John
, Col.
Born: 1701c Died: 30 Oct 1786 - Aged 85

Read, Sarah
Born: 1727c Died: 18 May 1774 - Aged 47
Relationship: W/O Col. John

Christ Church Cemetery-Black Rock Turnpike

The cemetery is located on the west side of Black Rock Turnpike (Route 58) 150 ft. south of the intersection with Cross Highway next to Christ Church.
Latitude/longitude are: 41 18 48 N/73 21 04 W

.,Sarah, Mrs.

Beach, Elizabeth
Born: 1771c Died: 14 May 1796 - Aged 26
Relationship: W/O Isaac

Beach, Hannah
Born: 1741c Died: 7 Jan 1759 - Aged 18
Grave Note: "An unspotted life is old age."

Beach, Lydia
Born: 1738c Died: 28 Nov 1796 - Aged 59
Relationship: W/O Lazarus
Grave Note: "A feeble monument when compared with that raised by her virtues."

Beach, Sarah
Born: 1700c Died: 1 Aug 1756 - Aged 57
Relationship: W/O Rev. John
Grave Note: "who after having been a dutiful child, a loving sister, an aimiable and fithful wife, a tender and careful mother, and a most devout Christian exchanged this life for immortality..."

Couch, Rebeckah
Born: 1733c Died: 12 Jan 1784 - Aged 51
Relationship: W/O Simon

Couch, Rebeckah
Born: 1761c Died: 3 Apr 1785 - Aged 24
Relationship: D/O Simon and Rebeckah

Davies, Nancy
Born: 1790c Died: 6 Mar 1795 - Aged 5
Relationship: D/O Doctor Thomas and Hannah

Fairchild, Dinah
Born: 1694c Died: 8 May 1769 - Aged 76
Relationship: W/O Lieut. Samuel

Fairchild, Hannah
Born: 1734c Died: 4 Feb 1767 - Aged 34
Relationship: W/O Lieut. Peter
Grave Note: "once the aimiable and virtous consort...who finished a short and pious life in hope of the blessed immortality...."

Fairchild, Samuel
Born: 1683c Died: 28 Feb 1761 - Aged 79
Grave Note: "who finished a steady course of piety and virtue and departed this life..."

Gray, Jery
Born: 1765c Died: 14 Jan 1788 - Aged 24
Relationship: S/O James and Mabel

Hill, Daniel Junr.

Hill, Hannah

Born: 1753c Died: 27 Sep 1755 - Aged 3
Relationship: D/O Daniel and Elizabeth

Hill, Phebe
Born: 1730c Died: 9 May 1751 - Aged 22
Relationship: W/O Daniel

Hill, Sarah
Born: 1764c Died: 19 Jun 1764 - Aged 1
Relationship: D/O Daniel and Elizabeth

Hull, Elizabeth
Born: 1739c Died: 22 Feb 1795 - Aged 57
Relationship: W/O Seth

Hull, Seth
Born: 1734c Died: 5 Apr 1795 - Aged 61
Relationship: H/O Elizabeth
Grave Note: "May their example be imatated and their precepts remembered by their numerous progeny."

Lane, Hannah
Born: ? Died: 23 Feb 1784 - Aged ?
Relationship: W/O Jacob

Lyon, Henry Esq.
Born: 1731c Died: 24 Dec 1773 - Aged 43

Lyon, Lois

Born: 1743c Died: 15 Dec 1769- Aged 27
Relationship: W/O Joseph

Lyon, Nathan
Born: 1704c Died: 21 Dec 1757- Aged 54
Grave Note: "who finished a course of piety and exchanged his life for immortality."

Lyon, Rebecca
Born: 1733c Died: 7 Mar 1775- Aged 43
Relationship: W/O Henry Esq.

Meeker, Abigail
Born: 1713c Died: 12 Apr 1761- Aged 49
Relationship: W/O Jonathan
Grave Note: "who finished her Christian course."

Meeker, Daniel
Born: 1739c Died: 19 Jul 1760- Aged 22
Grave Note: "who exchanged his life for immortality..."

Meeker, John
Born: 1745c Died: 9 Apr 1761- Aged 17

Meeker, Jonathan
Born: ?c Died: 28 Mar 1765- Aged ?
Grave Note: "who departed this life in hope of a blessed immortality..."

Meeker, Sarah
Born: 1737c Died: 18 Sep 1759- Aged 23
Grave Note: "who departed this life in hope of a blessed immortality..."

Morehouse, Mary
Born: 1690c Died: 13 Sep 1780- Aged 90
Relationship: W/O Gideon
Grave Note: "aged upwards of 90 years."

Morehouse, Stephen
Born: 1702c Died: 22 Sep 1767- Aged 66

Morehouse, Zacheus
Born: 1722c Died: 4 Oct 1780- Aged 59
Grave Note: "who exchanged his life for immortality..."

Sanford, Easter
Born: ?c Died: ?- Aged ?
Relationship: D/O John

Sanford, John
Born: 1740c Died: 18 Apr 1784- Aged 45

Sweetwood, Stephen
Born: ?c Died: Dec 1751- Aged ?

Wheler, Seth
Born: 1722c Died: 11 Aug 1751- Aged 30


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