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Mark Twain's Redding, Connecticut Home: Stormfield Photos  

These are pictures of Stormfield I scanned in the Mark Twain Library. I've had plenty of requests for these so I know you'll all enjoy them.

Help me add to this section. Submit your ideas or articles to bcolley@snet.net

View a PowerPoint Presentation of Twain's Time in Redding


Final Prep for Sam's Arrival

Fit for a 'King'

Thanks the workers for job well done

First week at his new home

Angel Fish card game

Library Dedication October 1908

Postcard of the estate built by family friend: John Howells.

View from the terrace. This view is from the house, opposite the above picture.

Stormfield while it was under construction.

Black and White photo of Stormfield

Stormfield after fire in 1923

New Stormfield Under Construction in 1925

New Stormfield Under Construction 1925- East side

New Stormfield Aerial 1953

2004 Aerial of Jean's Farm and Stormfield
left side of road)

New Stormfield is the orange roof, top center.
Jean's Farm is the cleared areas in the low-to-middle left

View a PowerPoint Presentation of Twain's Time in Redding


The Stormfield Project has begun, you can track it via my Mark Twain Stormfield Project blog. Below are some posts.

Twain's Time in Redding:


Mark Twain Library:

Mark Twain Centennial Art Collection:

Mark Twain's "Lobster Pot" Studio & Gallery is honored to present a special limited edition "Centennial Collection" of prints commorating Mark Twain's last years in Redding, CT and his death at Stormfield, his Redding home, April 21, 1910. Artist, Susan Boone Durkee, who lives on the original property which Mark Twain called "The Lobster Pot" is pleased to present this exclusive limited edition of prints using the highest quality of archival inks and paper available. Please view the Mark Twain Gallery of her artwork honoring America's most famous writer and humorist.

If you'd like to learn more about Mark Twain visit:

www.twainquotes.com Great Resource. I love the quote section.

http://www.boondocksnet.com/twainwww/ , it is a wealth of information and pictures.

www.twainweb.net The Mark Twain Forum (amazing insights).

Inventing Mark Twain:
The Lives of Samuel Langhorne Clemens
by Andrew Hoffman
*Includes Redding info.

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