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Brent M. Colley Projects, Tours and Powerpoint Presentations  

View the Projects, Tours and Powerpoint presentations I've worked on in the past two years. Please feel free to download the presentations, improve upon them and use them on your own. *Just reference where you got 'em.

"Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, sharing stories...communicating with an audience."
- Casey Kasum


Powerpoint Presentations [Title, Town Presented in, Timeframe]

The Influence American Indian Pathways had on Connecticut
Transportation Systems & Settlements

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Newtown, Connecticut (Fall 2010)

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Canaan, Connecticut (Summer 2010)

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Sheffield, Connecticut (Spring 2010)

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Derby, Connecticut (Spring 2009)

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Sharon, Connecticut (Spring 2009)

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Ridgefield, Connecticut (Spring 2009)

Indian Pathways & Settlements Powerpoint- Redding, Connecticut (Spring 2009)

Mark Twain

New Powerpoints on Mark Twain's Redding. 84 slides of why Mark Twain's time in Redding is of importance.Mark Twain and Helen Keller's Relationship.

Understanding Mark Twain Preview (Winter 2011)

Mark Twain and Helen Keller - Easton, Connecticut (Fall 2010)

Mark Twain and Russia - Boston, Massachusetts (Summer 2010)

Samuel L. Clemens. Who was Mark Twain? - Rye, New York (Spring 2010)

Mark Twain's Connecticut - Manchester, Connecticut (Spring 2010)

Mark Twain's Time in Redding - Redding, Connecticut (Spring 2010)

Mark Twain's Arrival in Redding - Redding, Connecticut (Spring 2009)

100 years of Redding, Connecticut History - Redding, Connecticut (Spring 2009)


Georgetown- Factory Town - Redding, Connecticut (Spring 2010)


Branchville's Mining Industry - Branchville, Connecticut (Spring 2011)

Current Projects (click links to pop-up examples in new window):

  • The Mark Twain Centennial Project- This project's objective is to promote and raise awareness of Clemens' time in Hartford and Redding, Connecticut by showcasing the towns & cities connected to his time here in Connecticut.

  • Pride in Place. Programs that help local children realize all the history that surrounds them and gets them excited about where they live. Eventually I'd like to attempt to get these tours on video. The idea being- I show people what's so cool about their hometown.

  • Walking Tours Redding, Georgetown and Branchville. Spring and Fall. Many of this year's tours involved Mark Twain related tours of Redding. Most notably- Malcolm Forbes of Newsweek; Hillel Italie of Associated Press; Robert Hirst of Mark Twain Papers; Alan Kitty of Mark Twain's Last Stand.
    Next Tour: TBD

  • Online Tours via Google Maps- Tour of My Brother Sam is Dead towns, events and locations related to the novel and Mark Twain's Redding. Helping people better understand history by giving them the opportunity to view interactive historical maps from the comforts of home.

  • Promotion of The Mark Twain Library's importance - offline and online exhibits. I also write newspaper articles that promote the library locally and assist National writers who wish to know more about the library and its importance for nation-wide audiences.

  • Promotion of Putnam's Encampment at Putnam Park- offline and online exhibits.

  • My Brother Sam is Dead Reader's Guide for Teachers and Students- book, e-book and online resources.

  • My Brother Sam is Dead Seminars for Teachers and Students- classroom presentations & tours of Redding.

  • Stormfield- Showcasing Twain's Final Home- offline and online exhibits.

Keep the History Flowing!
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Map and Geographic Image Collection @ UCONN
They call it MAGIC and it is quite amazing: aerials, old maps, etc.

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History of Redding is a not a business or an organization..It's one person working to promote the history of his hometown
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