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The Hull Family of Redding, Connecticut (CT)  

The Hull Family:
Arrived 1629 aboard the "Mary & John"

George HULL born: 1590 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England; married:

(1) 17 Aug 1614 Thamzen (Thomesene) MICHELL (Daughter of Robert MICHELL; d. Before 1655 in MA or CT) Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England

(2) 1655 Sarah, widow David PHIPIN, Boston; d: Aug - Nov 1659 Fairfield, CT; Son of Thomas HULL & Joane PESON

Children (all by 1st marriage):

1. Josias bap. 16 Nov 1616 (Crewkerne Eng) m. 1640 Elizabeth LOOMIS (Windsor CT) d. 16 Nov 1675 (Killingworth CT -

2. Marie bap. 27 Jul 1618 (Crewkerne Eng) m. Humphrey PINNEY (CT) d. 20 Aug 1684 (CT)

3. Martha bap. 24 Oct 1620 (Crewkerne Eng)

4. Elizabeth bap. 16 Oct 1625 (Crewkerne Eng) m. Samuel GAYLORD d. 2 May 1680

5. Cornelius bap. 9 Apr 1628 m. 1653 Rebecca JONES d. Sept 1695

6. Naomi - 7 Joshua bap. 5 Nov 1630 (Crewkerne Eng) d. young

George was a "surveyor, Indian trader, magistrate, statesman and founder of a prominent branch of the Hull family in America". (Weygant). His brothers, Joseph and William both graduated from St. Mary's Hall at Oxford and were ministers of the Church of England. Further evidence of his background, his wife was daughter of a "well-to-do yeoman of Stockland" (Ibid) in Dorsetshire.

George sailed for the American colonies from Plymouth 30 Mar 1629 / 30 on the "Mary and John"; his youngest son, Joshua was baptised at Crewkerne 7 months after this date, indicating Thomasene and the young family were left in England while George became part of the "Great Migration". He shared the voyage with friends George and John Ludlow and future son-in-law Humphrie Pinney. He was a short time in Boston and went on to help settle the town of Dorchester where he was on the first board of selectmen and was made a freeman 4 Mar 1632/3 and was town's first repres to the General Court.

In 1636 he moved to Windsor Connecticut and surveyed both Windsor and Wethersfield. In exchange for this service, he received his choice of home lots in Windsor where he again represented his town in the General Court. It was here in 1638 that he and Pinney, through the graces of the General Court, received a monopoly on the beaver trade on the Connecticut River.

In 1638 he followed his friend (Stiles, too says that he was "a citizen of worth and distinction.") and George Ludlow, now governor of Connecticut, to Fairfield where he became the General Court designated assistant to the governor. In 1651, '53, '54 he was appointed by the governor as associate magistrate for the towns by the seaside. He was apparently well connected on the political scene of the blossoming colonies; Cotton Mather mentions him as does Connecticut state historian Trumbull who groups him "with those whose names are worthy of perpetuation.

Sources: The Hull Family in America, Col Weygant; History of Middlesex County, Connecticut, with biographical sketches of its prominent men, Beers, J.B. & Co. - 1884; Some Notes on the Wellman and Bump families of Barry County Michigan, Harthy, Charles O. - 1992; Ancient Windsor - Stiles; Pioneers of Massachusetts, Pope, Charles Henry - 1900. Jacobus, History of Fairfield County; "The Mary & John" by Chas. Tuttle, 1971

Hull, Cornelius bap. 9 Apr 1628 m. 1653 Rebecca JONES b. 1627 d. Sept 1695 dau. Rev. John Jones

Hull, Samuel bap 26 August 16 d. 1718 m. Deborah Beers (see BEERS line)

Hull, Rebecca b. d. dau. Samuel Hull. Children, record Stratfield: m. Morehouse, Jonathan b 1 Jan. 1677/8 Fairfield. m. Stratfield, 8 Aug. 1706,

Morehouse, Jonathan, b. 9 Mar. 1708, bapt. 14 Mar. 1708 Greenfield, Redding m. by 1730. m.

Morehouse, Hannah bpt. 3 Jun 1739 d. aft 1784 m. James Bartram b. 18 April 1738 d. May 1834 Danbury (Rev War patriot)

Bartram, Isaac b. 15 Apr 1758 Redding d. 13 Sept. 1843 (Rev War; Baldwin's CT Reg) m. Molly Hamilton b. c 1764 d. 1839 (9 Sept. 1843)

Bartram, Isaac H. b. 22 May 1775 d. 25 April 1864

1. Lydia Bartram b. 16 Jan 1822 d. 15 April 1919 m. Drew, Levi b. 17 July 1816 d. 9 Jun 1898 (Bethel, CT)

2. Abby Bartram b. 18 Aug. 1824 d. Nov 1878 m. Nathaniel Perry Fairchild b. 29 Aug 1829 d. 22 Jun 1878

Drew, Levi b. 17 July 1816 d. 9 Jun 1898(Bethel, CT) m. Lydia Bartram b. 16 Jan 1822 d. 15 April 1919 And her sister: Abby Bartram b. 19 Aug 1824 d. 3 Nov 1907 m. Perry Fairchild b. 29 Aug 1829 d. 22 Jun 1879

Sources: Redding Vital Records; 1767-1852; Barbour Coll. Pg 82 & DAR records

Drew, Levi Perry b. 20 Feb 1848 d. 9 Jun 1898 m. Fairchild, Abby Frances b. 24 Jul 1860 d. 28 Jan 1958 (Bethel) m. 24 Jun 1885

Sources: Bethel Vital Records Births 1860; Abby Frances Fairchild Bethel marriage certificate 1885; Perry Drew & Abby Frances Fairchild see: Redding Vital records 1767-1852; Barbour collection; pg.82; 1850 Census Redding Roll#37; enumerated by Alanson Lyon 1860 Census Redding Roll 76; enumerated by L. Shepard 12 Jun 1860 1880 Census Bethel ; E.D. 114 Sh 9 Ln 48; Perry, Abby Drew and children Death cert. Levi Perry Drew

Drew, Abby Frances b. 25 Dec 1886 d. 2 Feb 1980 Bethel, CT m. 18 Apr1916 m. Julian Everett Duvall b. 16 Aug 1881 d. 4 May 1942

Sources: 1880 Census Bethel; E.D. 114 Sh 9 Ln 48 Abby Drew Bethel Vital Records; marriage cert # 188 ; 18 April 1916 Death certificate; Seattle WA;#990 State# 146-8 Abby Frances Duvall; 2 Feb 1980

Duvall, Col. Clifford Perry b. 5 Jan 1921 d. 6 Jan 1997 Port Townsend, WA m. Mary Mozelle Smith b. 19 Oct 1917 d. 29 Aug 1976 Fayetteville, NC

Sources: Marriage certificate #5069; Cumberland Cnty, NC; 6 Feb 1943 Death Certificate Mary Mozelle Duvall Baskins;#832623 N.C. Cumberland Cty; Vol 116, pg 84; 29 Aug 1979 Death certificate Clifford Perry Duvall; WA state Dept Health; Vol. 581, pg 172; 9 Jan 1997

Duvall, Mary Mozelle b. 16 Jul 1944 Ft Bragg, NC div. Dr. Samuel Young Brown b. 8 Jun 1940 Atlanta, GA

Sources: Birth certificate #; Mary M. Duvall; Cumberland Cty, NC; Vol 44, pg 041525

Brown, Justin Young b. 13 Jun 1974 News Orleans, LA

Sources: Birth certificate; Justin Young Brown; City of New Orleans; #

Sources: Redding Vital Records 1767-1852 (Barbour Collection pg. 18) John Drew/ Mary Northrop Jacobus; History & Genealogy of Old Fairfield County, Vol. II, pg 316 & 317 "The Mary & John", Charles Tuttle, 1971 1840 Census of Revolutionary War Pensioners; 1850 Census enum. By Alanson Lyon; Levi Drew, Isaac Bartram 1860 Census enum L.Shepard; Isaac Drew Bethel CT Birth Records 1860; Abby Frances Fairchild 1880 Census (Levi)Perry Drew, Abby Fairchild DAR membership #792031 Mary Duvall DAR membership #112270; Emma Fairchild Carroll ; 14 Dec 1914


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