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A Chapter of the Secret Service of the Revolution- Heron...William Heron-Redding Connecticut's very own 007.

Books about Redding Connecticut. Includes individuals and authors from Redding, Genealogical info.

Flood of 1955. Facts and Articles on the flood's damage to Georgetown and Redding, Connecticut.

Old Homes of Redding. A nice little write up from the Redding Times in 1960. Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Redding? Real Estate Page , Redding Connecticut Relocation Guide

Short History of the Redding Boys and Girls Club from 1938 to 1958. Link to Redding Boys and Girls Club web site-complete with baseball & softball schedules for this spring/summer. Updated daily.

Carter House and Property. Costa/Carter Lane is making news so I went through my files and found some information on the Carters of Gallows Hill for those that are interested.

The History of Gilbert and Bennett. From the very beginning to the bitter end. I'm still researching specifics on the events that led to their bankruptcy but for the most part- it's the most complete history of the factory to date. Also: Parts 1, 2 and 3 of G&B history in pictures

Branchville History: The History of DeBenigno's Store (currently Branchville Art Gallery).

The Charles Lindbergh "legend" now has an answer thanks to the research of Grady Jensen...he actually landed on Picketts Ridge in West Redding. This is now being debated again so stay tuned.

Learn About The Georgetown History Project

The G.M. Loeb House- almost a Frank Lloyd Wright design in Redding, Connecticut.

A Victorian Murder in the Newtown, Easton, Redding Frontier.

Did you know? Redding, Connecticut was named:
Connecticut Magazine's #1 Small Town in 2005!

Redding and Georgetown Land Development receive EPA's 2005 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

More News on the G&B Redevelopment Project.

Learn About The G&B Factory Redevelopment Project.


  Mark Twain in Redding
June 18, 2007 starts the count down to 100! Ninety-nine years ago Redding, CT became the home
of Mark Twain. He was so impressed with the Redding house that he stated: "I do so delight in this home that the thought of ever going back to that crude & tasteless NY barn, even to stay overnight, revolts me." In return, Redding, Connecticut, has kept his legacy alive & well via the Mark Twain Library.
Redding, Connecticut, located in Southwest Connecticut, is 31.5 square miles, about five miles from north to south, roughly seven miles from east to west. Redding's Population: 8,593.
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Mill Rate: 22.74 (2007)
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