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  My interest in Redding, Connecticut, it's beginnings, landscape, events, churches and schools led me on a quest to present this information in a format for all to see, not for profit, but for the promotion of our great history. The deeper I prodded through the information, the more I enjoyed my surroundings and wished I had begun at a younger age. If just a handful of parents are able to answer their children's questions with the help of this site, I'll have succeeded in what I had set out to do.
  For everything I have on My Brother Sam is Dead, my Dropbox Account: My Dropbook Sign up. Includes all my materials and is updated often.

Video of me showing you what is in the
My Brother Sam is Dead Dropbox Account
and a why I created this resource.

My Brother Sam is Dead information updated & photos added for students looking for characters in the book. Chapter by Chapter Summary & Analysis. Why is My Brother Sam is Dead Challenged? About the setting of the book, colonial Redding Connecticut. *Google Map of Redding with information about My Brother Sam is Dead. Online My Brother Sam is Dead Quiz. Online presentation on My Brother Sam is Dead.

Photos of Mark Twain's Stormfield. Much of what I've located on Twain's time in Redding is first posted at the Stormfield Project Blog. Other resources include: Twain's Time in Redding, Stormfield, Twain News, The Burglary, Mark Twain's Lobster Pot. *Google Map of Twain's Redding.

Howard Platt: Life in Redding, Connecticut from the 1880's to 1920's.

My grandfather passed away on Monday, February 28, 2011. This is Harry L. Colley's obituary.

The History of Redding's Programs and Events 2008-2010
View and Download my Programs, Tours and Powerpoint Presentations from the past two years.

Redding Twainiac Susan B. Durkee the focus on WSHU Public Radio!

Happy 25th Anniversary to New Pond Farm! View Margaret Wixted's History of New Pond Farm.

Redding History Blog. Also, check out the Redding Google Map Collection.

Redding Real Estate. Due to the number of requests that come in for information on New Construction in Redding, and Real Estate agents. I have added the building firm and agent I'd use based on experience and knowledge of Redding, CT. I hope it's helpful.

The Redding Real Estate Guide is now available for those looking to move to Redding...what's stopping you? View Historic Homes For Sale.

William Pitt Real Estate- Agent Ginny Beasley
470 Main Street
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Agent Phn: 203-482-4938
Ginny Beasley

Historic Huntington State Park Photos: See how the property looked in the 1920's when it was a private Sunset Hill estate owned by Walther Luttgen. Historic Putnam Memorial State Park Photos and Postcards Some great photos and postcards of Putnam Memorial State Park from Harry Gibson.

Redding Remembered. Articles from the John Read Middle School Oral History Project 1975-79. Great Stuff! The Stuart Chase piece is priceless to those interested in Redding's Open Space.

Indian Pathways Powerpoint from my program at Kellogg-Osborne Homestead. Interested in American Indians? Many great programs at the IAIS this year.

Looking to buy an old Redding home with plenty of charm?

100 Years of History. Redding, Connecticut decade by decade from 1900 to the present in photos and commentary. At the moment I have posted the following decades: 1900-1910; 1910-1920; 1920-1930; 1930-1940.

Link to the Redding Country Club History (pictures too). I've noticed some people are looking for it. Redding Country Club contact info: 109 Lonetown Road, West Redding, CT 06896 (203) 938-2567 (203) 938-4091. The Country Club is private, has tennis courts, raquetball courts, a pool, and 18 hole golf course. The club house was renovated in 1999 and is absolutely gorgeous. Link to the Redding Country Club site.

West Redding, Redding Center and Redding Ridge information updated for those looking for information on those sections of town.

Classic Cars of Redding and Georgetown. This is a new section I'm working on that will showcase classic cars and their owners.

5 Reasons to Advertise on the HistoryofRedding.com. 40,000+ page views a month.

Mark Twain Library Photos: See how the library has changed since 1910. The Stormfield Project has begun, you can track it via my Mark Twain Stormfield Project blog.

Georgetown, Connecticut history. Georgetown and G&B History. Full history of the Gilbert Farm and the property that is now Meadow Ridge.

Recent G&B Redevelopment News The concrete slab over the Norwalk River is currently being removed.

Aerial Photos of Redding and Georgetown, 1934, the 1960's and 70's, plus 2004 aerials too. The early photos show plenty of green. Historic Memorial Day Parade Photos from 1970's and 80's. Scenic Redding photos from Maggie Caldwell.

Proof of G&B experimenting with wire production in China, 1992.

Indian Trails Running Thru Branchville, Georgetown and Redding Connecticut. Native American tribes and pathways in and around our area.

More Recent News and Updates


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The Complete Guide to My Brother Sam is Dead is now available to allow teachers to copy and paste the material into their own lesson plans if they wish to.

Video of me showing you what is in the My Brother Sam is Dead Dropbox Account
and a why I created this resource.

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William Pitt Real Estate- Agent Ginny Beasley
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Agent Phn: 203-482-4938
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Redding 79

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  Mark Twain in Redding
April 21, 1910- Mark Twain hitched a ride on Halley's Comet, as he had long predicted he would, and

Redding, Connecticut became the final home of Mark Twain. Twain was instrumental in founding and funding a public library for the residents of Redding, in fact one of his final acts was approving a check for the library building fund. In return, Redding, Connecticut, has kept his legacy alive & well via the Mark Twain Library.

New Powerpoint on Twain's Redding. 84 slides of why Mark Twain's time in Redding is of importance.Mark Twain and Helen Keller's Relationship

Looking for Redding Real Estate?

William Pitt Real Estate- Agent Ginny Beasley
470 Main Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877
Agent Phn: 203-482-4938
Ginny Beasley

  upcoming events in Redding

View my past Programs, Tours and Powerpoint Presentations

Online presentation about Redding Ridge and My Brother Sam is Dead.

All my Redding and Georgetown presentations.


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